Officials of Bosque County, Texas


 County Judge


    Precinct 1

    Precinct 2

    Precinct 3

    Precinct 4

 County Clerk

 County Appraiser

 Justice of Peace

    Precinct 1

    Precinct 2


    Precinct 1

    Precinct 2

 County Treasurer

 County Auditor

 County Attorney

 County Tax Assessor- Collector

 County Sheriff

 County Court at Law Judge

 County Elections Administrator


220th Judicial District Court*

District Attorney

District Judge

District Clerk


*The 220th Judicial District is composed Bosque, Comanche and Hamiltoncounties.

Left links provide contact information for the elected and duly appointed officials. Click here to visit the official county website.

P.O. Box 647

Merdian, TX 76665

Telephone:  254-435-2382

Fax (254) 435-2152


 Revised: August 26, 2020